Fairstone Ireland and Premier Financial Unite in Strategic Partnership, Propelling Innovative Acquisition Model to New Heights with Third Major Partnership

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7 February 2024


Fairstone Ireland, an industry trailblazer in wealth management, proudly announces its third strategic partnership in Ireland,  with Premier Financial. This partnership signifies a groundbreaking acquisition model, ushering in a new era of financial services characterised by mutual growth and synergy. Fairstone Ireland partnership represents a significant milestone for both firms, highlighting Fairstone Ireland’s commitment to progressive, client-centric financial solutions.


Under the leadership of CEO Paul Merriman, Fairstone Ireland continues to redefine industry norms. The partnership with Premier Financial underscores Fairstone’s dedication to innovative strategic partnerships, setting a new standard for excellence in the wealth management sector.


Paul Merriman, CEO of Fairstone Ireland, emphasised, “Fairstone remains steadfast in its dedication to challenging traditional norms. Our strategic partnership with Premier Financial not only reflects this commitment but also propels the momentum in our growth initiatives. Together, we aim to enhance our capabilities, stimulate growth, and set a new standard for collaborative excellence in wealth management, fostering stronger partnerships with brokers across Ireland. We look forward to working with Denis, Mark, Philip and the extended team’.


Premier Financial, a distinguished financial planning firm headquartered in Tralee Co. Kerry, has garnered acclaim for its client-focused approach and comprehensive financial services. This collaboration with Fairstone opens up new avenues for Premier Financial and its clients, providing access to Fairstone’s extensive resources, expertise, and innovative solutions.


Denis Murphy  of Premier Financial, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership:

“This collaboration with Fairstone marks an exciting chapter for Premier Financial. Fairstone’s innovative partnership model ensures that we can maintain our commitment to delivering top-notch financial services while benefiting from Fairstone’s scale and expertise. This strategic move positions us for sustained growth and innovation in the evolving financial landscape.”


The partnership model emphasises collaboration, leveraging the strengths and values of each organisation. Fairstone remains committed to providing independent, high-quality financial advice and excellent service, aligning seamlessly with Premier Financial’s ethos. This partnership underscores Fairstone Ireland’s dedication to transforming the financial services sector and serves as an exemplar of a new era of partnerships, emphasising teamwork, creativity, and a shared commitment to helping clients succeed.