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Providing tailored wealth planning to help you look forward with confidence.

The experts at Fairstone are here to help our clients with a range of financial planning services that help them reach their financial goals, whatever they may be.

We know that the process of building wealth and managing it calls for a very different approach to managing and preserving capital. As we get to know you better and understand your hopes and dreams, we can refine your roadmap with a financial plan that you understand and can follow easily. This brings clarity, certainty and peace of mind.

Working together, we can help you to meet all of your tax obligations whilst making sure that your tax bill is as low as possible. Fairstone’s wealth management services will help you, and your heirs, to retain as much of the money you earn as possible and to hold on to all of your assets for generations to come.

We’re here to help you develop the right wealth management strategies and select the right assets for your personal circumstances.

Wealth management - your key questions, answered

What is wealth management?

Wealth management is a comprehensive combination of financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning, and investment management services with the ultimate objective of helping you maximise your investments while managing risk to achieve all that is important to you.

A wealth management adviser takes a holistic look at your financial picture, helps you preserve your wealth and ensure a smooth transfer of wealth to the next generation.

When is the best time to seek a wealth management adviser?

It’s common to seek the guidance of a wealth management adviser when you experience a life event that creates challenges, opportunities or complications in your financial situation. For example, a change in your career, a business opportunity, inheritance, retirement, or starting a family are several of many life events that could impact your finances. An experienced wealth management adviser provides the guidance, advice and peace of mind needed to make the critical decisions that come with these changes.

However, change isn’t the only reason to tap into the expertise of a wealth management adviser. No matter the time or reason, an experienced adviser provides valuable input that, when applied to your financial situation, helps you achieve your goals.

What's the difference between wealth management and financial planning?

Wealth management is a broad term that usually includes financial planning. Financial planning usually refers to guidance in which a financial professional helps you identify your goals and works with you to design a clear path forward. Wealth management is broader and may include this and other services.

How can I protect my wealth?

There are a number of things one can do in an effort to protect wealth, such as retirement planning, estate planning (including developing a plan for the orderly transfer of wealth to your heirs), being more tax-efficient, or exploring the addition of fixed income investments to a portfolio.

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