Expanding its footprint within the Irish financial services sector, Fairstone Ireland announces its fourth strategic partnership with Galway & Kildare-based broker Murray & Spelman Financial Services

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14 February 2024


Fairstone Ireland CEO Paul Merriman shaking hands with Murray & Spelman Director Joe McKeogh

Fairstone Ireland, a leading player in the wealth management domain, proudly announces its fourth strategic partnership in Ireland with Galway & Kildare-based broker Murray & Spelman Financial Services. This acquisition highlights the acceleration of Fairstone Ireland’s partnership model which is changing the face of the financial planning industry in Ireland.


Continuing to set high standards for the financial services industry under the leadership of CEO Paul Merriman, Fairstone Ireland’s partnership with Murray & Spelman Financial Services highlights its dedication to establishing a new standard of excellence in wealth management through strategic partnerships.


Paul Merriman, CEO of Fairstone Ireland, remarked, “Fairstone remains resolute in its mission to challenge conventional norms. Our strategic partnership with Murray & Spelman Financial Services not only underscores this commitment but also catapults our momentum towards achieving market leading position. Together, we aspire to bolster our capabilities, ignite growth, and set a precedent for collaborative excellence in wealth management, fostering deeper partnerships with brokers across Ireland. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with Joe McKeogh, Andriu Mac Lochlainn and the extended team.”


Murray & Spelman Financial Services, a distinguished financial planning firm with offices in Galway & Kildare, has garnered acclaim for its long standing client-centric approach. This synergistic partnership with Fairstone opens new horizons for Murray & Spelman and its clients, granting access to Fairstone’s vast resources, expertise, and innovative solutions.


Joe McKeogh, Director of Murray & Spelman Financial Services expressed his excitement with the partnership: “This alliance with Fairstone marks a thrilling chapter for Murray & Spelman. Fairstone’s innovative partnership model ensures that we can uphold our commitment to delivering top-tier financial services while leveraging Fairstone’s scale and expertise. This strategic manoeuvre positions us for sustained growth and innovation in the dynamic financial landscape.”


This partnership epitomises Fairstone Ireland’s drive to revolutionise the financial services sector and serves as a beacon of a new era of partnerships, emphasising teamwork, ingenuity, and a shared dedication to empowering clients towards success.