Fairstone provides a number of services ideal for our Dublin customers. Our team is capable of handling any sized tarmac job regardless of size. We have the machinery to handle large open plan driveways and smaller machinery options to suit clients who only have a small driveway they wish to have tarmac on.

Dublin Tarmacadam Contractor

Driveway Grading, New Tarmac Driveways & Driveway Repair

There are many driveway companies and unfortunately the quality of services offered can vary. We at Fairstone always strives to offer the very highest quality services in all the tarmac driveways we lay, or where we are contracted to carry out an asphalt driveway repair.
Furthermore the tarmac we lay is guaranteed for between 2 to 10 years based on the grade of materials chosen for the driveway. Our driveway services include complete driveway construction, where we provide driveway grading from the groundwork preparation up to the final wearing course.
We have a variety of quality, Irish sourced materials at our disposal to meet all budgets and specifications, but of course we can advise on which materials to choose based on your planned usage and the unique nature of every job.
We also provide driveway repair and resurfacing, where we can professionally patch up areas of tarmac or completely remove the top surface layer and lay a new tarmac layer.
We are fully insured and have all the proper tools, equipment and knowledge to lay any sized tarmac driveway.