As a market leader in M&A, Fairstone have developed the Downstream Buy Out (DBO) model. Fairstone Ireland partners with owners of forward-looking wealth management practices to maximise their long-term value by investing in their growth.

Within our unique offering, shareholders can benefit from growth both before and after the ownership transfer. This ensures that shareholders are maximising their business performance before crystallising a structured sale, thereby capturing a higher valuation for their shares.


The Fairstone DBO enables shareholders to unlock five layers of enhanced value, not just a single sale event. We believe in a partnership rather than a purchase and we are confident that we can create more financial value together. By investing in your growth and continuing to invest in your staff, we provide you with the foundation you need to significantly increase the value of your Brokerage. We take you beyond standard market multiples whilst working with you on succession.

Integration is the key to mergers & acquisitions as it allows both parties to grow together. Having done this  over 60 times with UK and Ireland advice firms, we know that integrating first and managing it from the outset results in significantly fewer disruptions at the future point of sale.


This model increases financial value and minimises disruption. By partnering with Fairstone, you will become part of a company that incorporates a leading financial planning organisation managing over €18 Billion AUM, while maintaining control over client relationships and the direction of your own firm.


The Fairstone Ireland Group act as a growth partner and provides Brokerages with compliance frameworks, centralised business processing resources, leading edge technology, finance functions, marketing and leveraged product provider relationships that enable a Brokerage to reach their full potential.

Fairstone Ireland Group believes a successful transaction requires integration from the outset. Partnering from the beginning facilitates a seamless future sale point.


A well planned integration process allows for gradual alignment of enhanced processes and cultures , all the while continuing to grow as a business with a seamless transfer of clients and staff at the acquisition stage.


We guarantee that:

  • We never treat clients as commodities
  • We never reduce client choice
  • We remain independent and are not tied to any products, funds, or platforms.


During the integration phase, a firm has immediate access to Fairstone’s preferred provider institution as a group with €18 Billion AUM across the UK & Ireland, as well as research from our investment committee and product support team.


Fairstone is committed to investing in you and your staff by enhancing skills and qualifications. This is done by providing valuable training and development through the Fairstone Academy, supervision and ongoing CPD support.

A key function of the integration period is growth. At Fairstone Ireland we strive to ensure that our offering gives Brokerages the framework they need to grow their income without compromising client service.


In a commercial sense, value creation is the result of a business’s stability and growth. We achieve this by supporting partner firms to grow during the integration phase.


We offer a number of growth services as part of our commitment to helping our partners grow, including:


  • Centralised services for business pipeline & processing
  • Investment, product & compliance frameworks
  • Marketing and business development resources to deploy
  • Business consultancy
  • Access to centralised compliance structures
  • Centralised income & commission reconciliation
  • Training & recruitment supports

Our approach focuses on a partnership journey rather than a single sale event transaction. A Brokerage have a high degree of flexibility over the timescales of the ultimate sale.


Ultimately, the length of the integration period will depend on how much the partnering firm wishes to optimise the growth of its business and the value of its sales.


The enhanced value offering of our company provides the opportunity to further increase the sale proceeds after the point of acquisition by continuing to enhance business performance.


When it comes to growing or acquiring a business, Fairstone believes that human capital is the most valuable assets.


Our DBO model retains your human capital by ensuring your employees remain engaged & employed post-sale, with favourable ancillary staff benefits.

We offer you a five-layered proposition that goes beyond market multiples to ensure that you continue to share the upside long after your acquisition.


In order to support advisers in organically growing their client base and revenues, we offer an attractive profit share as part of our enhanced value proposition.


As part of this five-year cycle, advisers can earn up to 30% of their initial fees on a rolling basis.


Upon completion of the acquisition, all selling shareholders are also encouraged to take on a more active role in M&A within the Fairstone Ireland business, providing them with the opportunity to add significant value to the business and secure their long-term future with Fairstone Ireland.

Our process

Selling the business that you’ve worked tirelessly to build will most likely be a once in a lifetime event.

Fairstone Ireland strives to remove any uncertainty that this process may bring by providing full support through our dedicated M&A team during both the engagement and integration phases.

Fairstone Ireland’s M&A (mergers and acquisitions) team will ensure that you enter the process with an understanding of what the short, medium and long-term can look like for you and your business.

In addition to providing references from the deals that we have completed to date, we will be happy to put you in touch with business principals and colleagues who have gone through the process of becoming part of Fairstone.

The dedicated M&A (Mergers and acquisitions) team will ensure that the onboarding and integration process is seamless and provide you with all the assistance you require.

Our catalyst services enable you to achieve optimum capital value by ensuring that advisers and staff receive customised training and support.

There is a high degree of flexibility for business owners regarding the timeframes of the ultimate sale. While we maintain one year as a minimum integration period, firms that wish to optimise their business growth and subsequent sale value may choose to extend this period.

Fairstone M&A Team

A wealth of experience is available within Fairstone’s mergers and acquisitions team, and together they ensure the successful integration of businesses and individual advisers into the Fairstone Ireland Group.


In addition to building relationships with advisers, the team is the principal point of contact for business principals during the initial phases of the Downstream Buy Out (DBO).

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